Altera Rbf Checksum Troubleshooting Tips


Recently, some users encountered a known error code with altera rbf checksum. This issue can occur due to many factors. Let’s discuss this below.

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    Our company manufactures a telephone device using the Cyclone II FPGA. The FPGA image is saved in the excellent RBF format and we send the updated image that the client requests to their box from time to time.

    The problem with using the rbf format is that we like to check if the updated client image is valid before outputting it to Flash. I think you can find the encoded CRC or checksum in the RBF file that the FPGA uses to protect the error bit.

    I want to learn how to decrypt/calculate it so I know it’s the right file. Also, it seems that the file still has a binary file with a FF header – it would be useful to check if it’s an rbf document by looking at that header.

    I have developed a small parser that parses the contents of some Altera (+ others??) .SOF/.POF/.RBF/.JIC/.RPD files.

    altera rbf checksum

    This is a very simple experimental tool, but it can link some of the contents of these files (CRCs, checksums, etc.).

    Sometimes it helps people figure out why their data files don’t work are programmed, etc.

    altera rbf checksum

    On this topic (owner) you can find little information. So if you need to add and/or fix something or find a file that can’t be processed, leave a meaningful msg.RBF

    an is the raw binary file. It is raw data that is loaded into flash memory, for example, to initialize the FPGA at power-up.

    SOF literally means “SRAM Object File”. It contains all the data required for direct initialization of the FPGA.

    While you can generate RBF (Quartus File> Convert Programming Files...), I suspect you are looking for a strategy to directly convert SOF to RBF. This can be done using Altera’s “NIOS II Command Shell”, which can be launched from the Quartus folder in the start menu.

    Please note that although you will need Quartus to do this, your company will not need to pay for a new subscription because the NIOS II shell will run Quartus without a valid license.

    First Step

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  • This reads the SOF file into a Flash file, which is an ASCII estimate of the desired RBF.

    Step 2


    To prevent corruption of the FPGA image, the FPGA image can be wrapped from behind mkimage, where the mkimage header can be used to check the integrity of the FPGA image. The part of the FPGA image or filled with FPGA image loaded into the microprocessor RAM and SDRAM is calculated and checked for the correct checksum before the main FPGA programming is done.

    Configuring Features In U-Boot

    1. Replace CONFIG_CHECK_FPGA_DATA_CRC” with “#undef” if it is “#define CONFIG_CHECK_FPGA_DATA_CRC” in “/uboot-socfpga/include/configs/socfpga_arria10.h”.
    2. Replace cff-file=”ghrd_10as066n2.periph.rbf” inside the selected node and =cff-file “ghrd_10as066n2.periph.rbf.mkimage” in “/uboot-socfpga/arch/arm /dts/ socfpga_arria10 .dts.
    3. Run make in /Software//Submission-Site, compile to U-Boot.
    4. Run “quartus_cpf -c -o bitstream_compression=on –hps ghrd_10as066n2.sof ghrd_10as066n2.rbf”.
    5. Run “mkimage -A arm -T firmware -C none -O u-boot -a 0 0 -e -chemical “RBF” -d ghrd_10as066n2.periph.rbf ghrd_10as066n2.periph.rbf from .mkimage”.
    6. Run “mkimage -A arm -T firmware -C none -O u-boot -a 0 2 -e -n “RBF” -d ghrd_10as066n2.core.rbf ghrd_10as066n2.core.rbf from .mkimage”.
    7. Skin the SD card using the above files uboot_w_dtb-mkpimage.bin, ghrd_10as066n2.periph.rbf.mkimage, additionally ghrd_10as066n2.core.rbf.mkimage.
    8. Turn on the card while you have the SD in the picture. You will receive a “FPGA: Bad Data Checksum” error when a corrupted FPGA image is found.
    I have implemented a great flash programmer for the EPCS1 follow-on flash that is included.a cyclone that uses most of the Serial Flash Loader object. Programming and readingflash works, but how to run data for development? I haveprogrammed with Byte Blaster and Quartus JIC file andComparing the content, which in turn was flashed using RBF, it looks like thiseach byte is simply reflected (from LSB to MSB and another from MSB to LSB) andSome sections at the beginning are different. Is this RBF file safe to use?blink?And the last question: I would like to compare expensive content with someexternal file when its system starts up, when an update is likely to be needed. I would like toWell if I could just read the checksum or process the signature in flash(currently I am finally creating my own checksum containingthis block of flash memory). Eastdo you have documentation on RBF report format?--Frank [email protected],.de,

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