How To Fix Bf3 Xbox 360 Unknown Error


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    Over the past few weeks, some of our users have reported that they are experiencing an xbox 360 bf3 unknown error.

    SPuDl published…

    If you look at their blog site, they say they are definitely rebooting the servers. If you haven’t already gone back in time, delete the BF3 beta data from memory, but not the entire real beta. Fixed it for me.

    Thank you mate. Now I work for our family

    If you look at their WordPress blog, they say they are definitely restarting the servers. If you haven’t returned yet, delete the BF3 Beta data from the vault, not the most important Beta. This was fixed for me.

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  • @jancikluka794hi Quick Match doesn’t work right now, don’t run Quick Match, use server user and select server to return Manually select server directly in multiplayer —> Server Browser —> Also select filters. Finally, select a server.

    bf3 xbox 360 unknown error

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    The Battlefield 2042 beta is finally out, but gamesRokov may have problems logging into the game due to problems with matchmaking with an unknown error; here is the solution!

    The 2042 Battleground Beta Early Access just went live, and to be honest, the launch hasn’t gone smoothly at all. Many problems prevented players from enjoying the game.

    One of the biggest problems for this reason is far from being that players can’t join the game. Matchmaking when pros are greeted with a maximum “unknown error” message preventing them from joining the game.

    Fortunately, some smart thugs found this problem a nuisance to fix.

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    bf3 xbox 360 unknown error


    Battlefield 2042 Beta Unknown Error Message – Matchmaking Solution

    Most Battlefield fans have been concerned about the presence of cheats in the beta, which is a big contributor to the fact that hackers are already bypassing Battlefield 204’s cheat protection servers2.

    The “Unknown Error” message was a major issue for players who started our beta during the Early Access era as they were unable to access games directly. Fortunately, a simple solution has already been found.

    Players have indeed found this solution, which converts the “unknown bug” specifically to crossplay. While it’s not a new surefire way to get into the big game every time, it looks like you can improve your odds a lot!

    Forward reported looking for 50 games without success. Then, with the help of this cheat, the search for the game took much longer.

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    EA is already aware of this type of error message, and a suitable solution is usually already in the works. As EA develops the servers, it will be easier to start playing the Battlefield 2042 beta, and as a result, the unknown error message will appear less frequently.

    Keep your fingers crossed for the beta to run smoothly from the start, otherwise EA could push back Battlefield 2042 to March!

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    In the meantime, data collectors have discovered a complete list of all the weapons in Battlefield 2042. There seems to be plenty to choose from!

    In addition, this data, which is our bait, has also caused the Battlefield 2042-only Season 1 map to be leaked. Fans will be looking forward to any upcoming content after launch.

    Finally, we have good news for Battlefield soon. An industry insider is confident that the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone game mode will be introduced very soon.

    The PC version includes 64 player multiplayer, high resolution textures, improved shadow quality and other PC features. Battlefield
    3 in Battlelog – PC section. Reply
    Battlefield Series Headquarters on


    All versions are linked to the source DRM.

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