How To Fix Chigo Air Conditioner DTC Errors


Stop wasting time with computer errors.

  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to fix any errors detected by the scan
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    You should check out these repair tips whenever you get a chigo air conditioner error code error on your PC.

    chigo air conditioning error codes

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    AC Split AC Chigo Series Error Codes

    How do I fix my aircon error code?

    Turn off the AC power and unplug it yourself.Make sure you hold down the power button and let it turn off for now, you or someone else plug it back in. Press and hold the tab until the fan and capacitor run briefly, then turn off.Unplug the air conditioner again and plug it back in.

    Procedure code

    DF Unfreeze errors Error Check the wind 1.Normal (during heating)
    2. When the coil temperature sensor is removed, it will reach the selected temperature. E2 Ambient temperature sensor error
    1. Check whether the resistance of the sensor can be considered normal (resistance 5 ohm at normal temperature 25℃), if it is not correct, the sensor should be replaced.
    2. Check for a short or open in the sensor wire, and that the display
    is connected well, soldering on the motor control board with no connection or rosin if you have, needs repair.
    > 3. If currently 1 and 2 daily, then the built-in component or rail is damaged, the electrical control board must be replaced.> E3 Faulty
    1.Check whether the resistance of the probe/sensor is normal (resistance can be 5 ohm ¦ at normal temperature
    25), if it is no longer normal, the sensor should be replaced.
    2.Check if no whether a short circuit or open circuit. in the sensor wire and whether
    is connected, if there is usually a solder or rosin connection on some type of electrical controlboard, if it is present, it must be repaired.
    3. if 1 and 2 can be normal, components or several main circuits are damaged, it is necessary to replace the electrical control board E4 Abnormal outdoor oven
    1. Check whether the winding resistance plus the compressor running current becomes normal) If the plug socket on the board into the sensor is OK, the weather on the winding pipe is fixed, the evaporation of the indoor unit is good, the main thing is to check the measured temperature. by the evaporator. The coil temperature sensor has reached the heating or cooling temperature of the computer.
    4〠Check if the bottom surface of the condenser is dirty, it should be too dirty when cleaning.
    5〠Check if the current output of the external motor and each of our of the fans are damaged. If you need to replace it, it is damaged.
    6ã all If the above is normal, whether the power management board needs to be replaced. E5 without feedback
    internal fan connection
    1. You check if If the two plugs on the lock of the motor socket are loosened through the socket on the rear electric control, the wall should be tightly plugged when loosened.
    2. Check if the engine inside is damaged. The motor needs to be replaced. Be aware if it
    3 is damaged. You, check whether the controlled silicon and other components of the control board are damaged, replace the controlled silicon or the main board if they remain damaged E6 no signal above zero 1.First they check if the internal fan is good.
    2.Check if the output signal of the function chip is electrical. Landscape control is normal. Control cards must be replaced if the coupon is abnormal. E7 external comment error
    1. Check whether the winding resistance and the running current of the main compressor are normal
    2. Check or even high-low pressure, and the pressure is considered normal when the device is working.
    3. Check the correctness of internal and natural wiring; If they are faulty, reconnect them according to the wiring diagram.
    4.Check the contact of the new one on the inserter board and whether the connection is good, if not, repair it.
    5. Make sure each of our signal return wires is disconnected, or connect the return wire.
    6. If check the supply voltage is out of phase or out of phase.
    7. check whether the AC contactor is in good condition on its own E8 Frost protection/overheating protection
    1. Check if the filter inside the device is dirty or clogged, clean it if it is also dirty.
    2. Check if the internal cooling and fan work normally, replace the motor if it is defective.
    3. Check if the room temperature sensor is really normal, if it is not normal, replace the sensor.
    4. Check if the pressure in the corresponding system is normal, it is abnormally high, you should check if there is a decrease and refill refrigerant

    CA Chigo Bare Error Codes Error Check Floors

    Procedure code

    E2 Tempe sensor errorambient air temperature
    1. Make sure that all sensor resistances correspond to conditional ones (corresponds to resistances of 5 ohms at a normal temperature of 25 ohms)! ✓ If it is defective, it must be replaced.
    2. Check whether there is a short circuit or open program in the display wire, whether the connector is connected correctly and whether there is solder or rosin on the corresponding control board, if yes, it needs to be repaired.
    3. If 1 and 2 are correct, the built-in components are damaged or components, or need to replace the electric control table

    Are Chigo air conditioners good?

    Split air conditioner CS chigo 32-P125 with a power of 1.5 hp is an excellent choice for your cooling needs. Its modern finish ensures perfect integration into any environment. This Chigo split air conditioner is nothing short of a guarantee that you will createGive a fantastic homely atmosphere no matter what the weather is like outside.

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