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    The late great writer Christopher Hitchens said that what can be said without evidence can be rejected without evidence. Despite the epistemological tactic that a statement made without any supporting evidence is worth neither more nor less than any other such statement, the Minister of Communications believes that the statements do not have the full and even undeniable weight of the facts, I would say, that the complainant is announcing hominin attacks.

    dina pule network error

    The timing of his defense against each series of articles usually published by The Sunday Times is when Page is in cahoots with corrupt businessmen and politicians who directly attempt to use the appeal process. The department suggests that perverts take advantage of their interests, and that their investigative journalists are dishonest and outright criminal in their conduct. She has to take the word of everyone who writes in the newspaper, and she asked me to believe her in South Africa, because ST is a lousy apple.

    During a press conference on Monday, the Reverend repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, stating that investigative reporters ST Wa Mzilikazi Africa and Stefan Hofstetter blackmailed and bribed them, and twice attempted to implement a cell trap policy.

    The story she finally released after ten months is a single that aired on March 24, 2013 titled: Fire Pule Now, Mr. President, announcing you as a minister, friend, Fosane Mngkibisa, infiltrated state enterprises and other organizations controlled by Poole.

    “An investigation by The Sunday Times the same day found evidence from an internal IRS audit showing that Mngkibisa had acquaintances and relatives on the boards of Post, Sentech, Usasa and SABC with full Pule practical experience, which is important evidence how unsuitable the Reverend is for his job.

    “The evidence is undeniably corroborated by five other sources, some of whom are on boards of directors, executive committees and high positions in the text service. All spoke of breaches of anonymity,” ST said in a statement.

    In other ST Poole articleswas accused of covering millions of rand in benefits for her boyfriend through ICT Indaba-related contracts in 2012.

    The lawsuits brought against ST, Wa Afrika and Hofstätter are extraordinary.

    Poulet explained that Wa Africa is clearly “run” by community businessmen. She said: “You will remember that a few years ago, Wa Africa was fired by former Sunday Times editor Mahania Mondly for interfering with his interests, as he had a tendency to make unreliable, commendable connections with devices. Being unemployed, Wa Africa was engaged in some kind of business. enterprises and continuation of activities in various markets. It is these business networks that Wa Afrika is tracking down because now The Sunday Times is humiliating them.

    dina pule network error

    “We realized that one of Wa Pursued Africa’s business opportunities is to import cheap mobile phones from China. The department enforces the rules of the mobile phone industry. Appetite by betting on set-top boxes.

    “Officially, Wa Africa is often no longer in demand in business. However, he worked in networks with well-known businessesenami. Africa’s return to the Sunday Times as a journalist provided his network of associates and friends with all kinds of media. allies they use directly to advance their financial interests,” said your own wife.

    Before the story was first published last year, Poole was approached by the same staff to suggest that the experience be made available to all. We raised him. »

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  • Poulet said the people from Wa Associates Africa could also currently bid on all set-top boxes, which would bring television information from an analog system to a virtual one. The plan will require massive infrastructure construction, and billions of rand could be involved.

    The day after our own story aired, the same people arranged a meeting between Wa Africa and others at a hotel in Sandton. She said that my ST reporter at the meeting promised to remove any incriminating help and advice on her if she gave her incriminating information about President J.Jacob Zuma or the government companies she oversees.

    “For the record, I rejected most of the proposals made by Wa Africa and his team at this meeting in Sandton, which I found very unethical and inappropriate. I was also only offended by the fact that Wa Africa, his people and his staff did not see there is nothing wrong with making such proposals to me,” my daughter said.

    She also claimed to be a “brother” of Wa. Africa repeatedly called the woman to tell her that he could convince the ST reporter to drop the investigation. Apparently, the man advertised a sexual proposal, which the girl refused.

    According to her, after that, people began to call her, who offered to remove the cast from her back. One of the calls came from an absolute woman who she said knew Wa Africa’s partner Stefan Hofstatter well and could have persuaded him to drop any investigation into the connection if she appointed him as a special student affairs advisor. The government official then overheard the woman discussing the call with Hof tetter. I nevertheless agreed to meet a woman.

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