How To Fix HTTP Error Code 13030


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    You may encounter an error code that displays http error code 13030. Coincidentally, there are a few steps you can take to fix this, so we’ll do that now.

    http error code 13030

    What exactly do the established error laws 2, 1, 3, 4, 5, four, 7 and 8 mean?

    Code 1: The installation could not be completed because the Hubble Camera did not list a mobile device connected to this particular Hubble Camera.

    http error code 13030

    Please make sure your mobile device and Hubble camera are close to each other (within 0.3 meters) for optimal performance. If you’re on iOS, also note the instructions for accessing the exact Wi-Fi® settings page to select the DSLR’s SSID (for example, Camera-XXXXYYYYYY)


    code The operation timed out before the Hubble Camera received the restart configuration command. Basically, this means that some “communication” between the Hubble for Motorola Monitors app and the Hubble digital video camera is not good.

    Please ensure that the mobile device you are using for setup and the Hubble lens are in close proximity (within 1 contact/0.3 meters) at startup to ensure outstanding performance.

    Code 3: Possible reasons for this error message:

    1. Hubble camera cannot bei install on the router. When setting up, make sure the Hubble camera and router are very close to each other.

    2. You have used the wrong Wi-Fi® password. Check if you accidentally entered someone else’s Wi-Fi® password incorrectly.

    3. Your wi-fi® password contains a space or a special match. Change your Wi-Fi® password by recognizing all spaces and symbols.

    Code 4-5: The Hubble digital camera was still connected to your router, but it received an error code from the server. Possible reasons:

    1. Our services encountered a server issue:


    For the status of our servers, click here:


    services are listed as running, this is not a server issue on our end, in which case you are encouraged to take a look at 2.

    2. Your router is probably not connected to the Internet. Check yours and try again.

    Code 1: The Hubble camera has been connected to your router but will probably not register with the server.

    Code 7: The Hubble camera was connected to your trusted router, but could not recognize the so-called “camera key”.

    For k For 6 and 7, perform a one-time factory reset:

    1. Press and hold the pairing button.
    2. Turn off the Hubble camera by holding down the button of each pair.
    3. Now turn on the Hubble digital camera again by holding our own Pair button and wait until you hear a beep and the corresponding LED (blue/red or purple depending on the device model) starts blinking. A photo). This may take 20 to some time.
    If you hear a beep, the problem means that you have successfully rebooted the camera system.

    Code 8: Hubble was unable to establish a Bluetooth connection.
    The most likely cause is a poor quality Bluetooth web connection between your mobile phone and the device.

    Make sure
    * your mobile device and the Hubble camera are close to each other (within 0.3m for best performance).
    * Bluetooth is enabled on this mobile device;
    You can also try set it up via Wi-Fi®.

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    I am getting error code 13030 when displaying stats in a grid when the time is slightly over. Can anyone specifically help me increase the actual time so I can spend time to have more time to load my own data into the grid.

    thank you

    You can choose to timeout a for the command (default = 30000ms, see API documentation (

    p.s. Isn’t it better to use pagination or (http://extjs




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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and click "Scan"
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  • I installed almost all Panda security services on Windows Vista Home Premium, but problems started and I decided to uninstall the program. Then a message popped up saying that if I did that, other programs might stop working properly. I hadand problems with it before. I also have 1. Panda Concept Protection Service 2 and. Panda benefits from a product cache manager that is passed as a local system profile at login. I sometimes have trouble logging into my Yahoo Mail account so when I go to your mail section I get an error: “HTTP Error Level 13030 or 13020”.


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