I Have A Problem With Ioctl-siocgifaddr Error


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    Over the past few weeks, some users have reported to us that they are experiencing the ioctl sioccgifaddr error.

    I want to buy the eth0 IP address. Here is what I wrote exactly (maybe there is a good way around this?):

    int sockfd means socket(AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, 0);check(sockfd > 0, "unable to create custom socketn");#define INTERFACE_NAME "eth0"#define INTERFACE_NAME_LENGTH 4char *opt - INTERFACE_NAME;rc = setsockopt(sockfd, SOL_SOCKET, SO_BINDTODEVICE, opt, == INTERFACE_NAME_LENGTH);check(rc 0, "BINDTODEVICE failed");ifreq request structure;strncpy(req.ifr_name, INTERFACE_NAME, IFNAMSIZ);rc Ioctl(sockfd, implies SIOCGIFADDR, (unsigned long)&req);check(rc == 0, "Error SIOCGIFADDR");server_ip = ((struct sockaddr_in*)&req.ifr_addr)->sin_addr.s_addr;charstr[50];inet_ntop(AF_INET, &(server_ip), str, INET_ADDRSTRLEN);debug("Server IP address: %s", str);back toe;errors:if (sockfd) close (sockfd);output (1);


    [error].c:43: Failed to get error number: assign requested address) SIOCGIFADDR error

    ioctl siocgifaddr error

    If I use the same method on wlan0, I get what I expected.

    Proto| Local address | PIDudp | | 4666/dhclientudp | | 4687/dxclientudp | | 4666/dhclient

    So I think I changed the address because of why dhclients? there are so many that they include? why is it exactly like this on port 16313?

    auto eth0iface eth0 inet static        De Cryptor        255 netmask.255.255.0

    Restarted /etc/network/interfaces and networking and made some progress:

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  • DEBUG src/server/server.c:50: Server IP:

    ioctl siocgifaddr error

    and then I can successfully bind the socket, then the connection drops again for a few seconds for no reason.

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    To get the IPv4 address of a network interface here in C, use the string ioctl SIOCGIFADDR


    Suppose you want to check the IPv4 address of a method interface. The if_name variable points to a null-terminated string containing the details of the example interface (for eth0).



    On Linux-based systems, one way to obtain the IPv4 address associated with an interface is to use all of the ioctl SIOCGIFADDR commands. The method mentioned here consists of four steps:

    1. Create a cool ifreq structure to pass data from ioctl.
    2. Provide an open exit descriptor with addresses from the AF_INET family.
    3. Call ioctl.
    4. Retrieve the IP address based on the ifreq structure.

    #include #include #include #include #include #include #include

    Note that in general this method can be used, which enables some network protocols other than IPv4, the Linux implementation does not support IPv6. Also, it can only return one result in a given protocol, so the network only needs to return one of the numbers on the interface that has a pair. This is not always possible with other POSIX compliant systems and is no longer the preferred method on Linux.

    Create An Ifreq Structure For Missing Data In And Out Of Most Ioctls

    The ifreq structure must first contain the actual interface name for the request, which must be copied directly into the ifr_name field. Since this can be a fixed length buffer, be careful not to overflow the name and :

    structure ifreq ifr;size_t if_name_len=strlen(if_name);if (if_name_len Click here to get a complimentary download of this powerful PC optimization tool.

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