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    Servlet. servletconfig. A servlet package contains a set of classes and interfaces that often describe and define contracts between a class and the servlet runtime to provide a high performance instance of that class created by the appropriate servlet container.

    initialization =

    ServletConfig Interface

    What is difference between ServletConfig and ServletContext?

    servletconfig is only used by servlet 1 to get information about the external web configuration. xml, the ServletContext is used by several objects to retrieve parameter information from XML files.

    All known classes

    Common Implementation: Servlet, HttpServlet

    public ServletConfig

    Servlet city config object used with container For reporting to a servlet during servlet initialization.

    getInitParameter(java.lang.String name)
    Gets the relevance of an initialization parameter named with ce.
    Returns the servlet parameter initializer names just like a nice enum of String objects, or, optionally, enumeration, if it is empty, the specific servlet has it no parameter initialization.
    Servlet context
    Returns a to point to so that the servletcontext knows what the caller is works.


    Method Size="-1">java.lang.String



    Names java.lang.String getServletName()

    Returns the equivalent of the servlet instance.If necessary, the name is assigned to the server by the administration, carries the deployment descriptor for web applications or for an unregistered site (and unnamed) servlet, it becomes the name of the servlet class.

    name associated with the servlet instance




    servletcontext your link to the ServletContext that contains the caller it works.

    is used a servlet context object used by a caller to interact with its servlet container
    See See also:
    Servlet context

    Get Initialization_parameter

    java.lang.String getInitParameter(java.lang.String name)

    Gets the value of the parameter initialized with the given name.


    name - initialization parameter name Des, whose value receive

    string containing the value all initialization parameters or null in this caseParameter does not exist no initialization exists



    Returns the names of the servlet initialization parameters. as enum of String objects, probably enum, empty if servlet normally has one es Initialization without parameters.

    enum with string Objects containing servlet names Initialization


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    Course required to get startedThe JavaServer plugin includes Including web applications, each For standard servlets,base non-traditional JSP component classesTags and specific tag implementations suitable for main tags.


    The javax.servlet package comes with a set of intecustom rfaces and classes,Describe and define contracts between the new servlet class andRuntime provided for an instance of such a beautiful classcompatible servlet container.


    The javax.servlet.marketplace contains a number of http tutorials and interfaces.which describe and define the actual contracts between the servlet classworks as a lower HTTP protocol and provides a learning environmentfor example, some class through schema servlet container.


    Which method can be used to access the ServletConfig object?

    Use super. init(ServletConfig) passes the part to the servletconfig servlet. This is important because it allows servlets to access the initialization parameters of the ServletContext object.

    Interfaces and for Core 2 class jsp.3 API.Name="navbar_top"> Name="skip-navbar_top">

    Javax interface

    Uses .servlet.Servletconfig.

    Packages, ServletConfig
    javax using .servlet The javax.servlet convention takes a number of classes and then ties them together.Describe and define legal agreements between a class and a servlet afterThe runtime, for example provided, to one of most of these classes usingcompatible servlet container.
    javax.servlet.http packno javax.servlet.http contains information about classes and interfaces.describewhich and/or define contracts between a particular servlet classexecuted over HTTP, then the runtimefor example, such a powerful class is provided by any compatible servlet container.


    Table Methods="">

    Servlet.init(ServletConfig Configuration)
    Called by the container for each servlet to tell the servlet that this servlet rents without problems. invalid
    GenericServlet.init (ServletConfig setup)
    Called by the servlet department to tell the servlet where it is. Loading a servlet.

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    1. servlet configuration interface
    2. methods associated with the ServletConfig interface
    3. This is how you get it from an object using ServletConfig
    4. Related to ntax to provide a servlet-specific initialization parameter
    5. ServletConfig example getting for initialization parameters
    6. ServletConfig example get for all initialization parameters

    A task with a ServletConfig object is created by the web container for each servlet. object This can be used to retrieve configuration information from the web.xml file.

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  • If only the parameters are changed and the information comes from the web.xml file, we must definitely change the non-servlet. Therefore, this situation makes it easier for search engines to manage the application, especially when the content changes from time to time.

    Setting The Benefit Of The Connected Servlet

    The main benefit of ServletConfig might be that you don't have to update the servlet file when the information changes in the file

    Methods In The String ServletConfig Interface

    1. public getInitParameter(String name): Returns the specific parameter value for the given parameter name.
    2. public Enumeration getInitParameterNames(): returns all user parameters of the initializing enum.
    3. public String getServletName(): returns andservlet id des.ServletContext getServletContext():
    4. public returns an object belonging to the ServletContext.


    So ServletConfig.object

    1. The method inside getServletConfig() of a servlet job returns a method on the ServletConfig object.

    GetServletConfig() Syntax

    Example Method Method

    Syntax, GetServletConfig() To Provide An Initialization Parameter Associated With A Servlet

    A servlet with an init-param subelement is used to specify specific servlet initialization parameters.

    Example Similar To ServletConfig For Getting Initialization Parameters

    How do you read servlet parameters and initialization parameters?

    Servlet scopes are typically retrieved using the ServletConfig object. The following interface methods in ServletConfig can be used to retrieve initialization: parameters String getInitParameter(String parameter_name) Enumeration getInitParameterNames()

    In one example, we get another initialization parameter from the web.xml database and see how we output this information to the servlet.

    Download this En example (developed by Myeclipse in the IDE)
    Download the example (developed in Eclipse, IDE)
    Download the En example (designed by

    Example Netbeans Idea)

    For ServletConfig To Get All Unique Initialization Options

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