I Have A Problem With Picasa Url Not Found Error


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    If you can’t find the picasa error message URL on your system, this article might help. A 404 error while crawling indicates that the website you are trying to access cannot be offered. You may receive a 404 error because there was a problem with this website because the page was moved or the wrong page was removed due to the URL being entered.

    picasa error post url not found

    ======Credits: link to toppaDonate http://www.toppa.picasa.com/shashin-wordpress-pluginTags: fancybox, twitpic, joliephoto, youtube, imagine, photo, photos, photos, image, photos, collection, widget, widgets, videoRequires at least 3 minimum: .0Mass popularity for: tested 4.2.2Stable day: 3.4.11License: GPLv2 or higherShashin is a powerful WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add photos and videos from Picasa, and Youtube twitpic to your WordPress site. ==** Description== Currently I no longer have time to develop or maintain this plugin. I could take over development support and see you in the future, I don’t know when.****What’s new in Shashin in version 3.4*** Responsive design: your sketches will look fantastic on any screen and, of course, in a larger view.* Social Use: A Twitter or Facebook Pinterest link is directly displayed for all Shashin’s full size photos (and a person can easily share the link with someone themselves). Enhanced* Discover for yourselfthumbnail view photos in a specific album* Captions now cover the bottom of thumbnails.*Updated to reflect recent Google changes regarding how Google+ interacts with the Picasa API.* Removed support for viewers other than prettyPhoto and Fancybox. Also in Shashin there is now a lot of custom javascript that works with any browser.Note. See Shashin’s page, settings required to set joliePhoto as your actual viewer to take full advantage of the new responsive design and group sharing features.**Overview**Shashin has many features for displaying photos and videos from Picasa, Youtube and Twitpic in your and posts WordPress pages:* View a collection of all your Shashin albums, photos and videos with multiple layout or order options* Use Media Manager to easily add photos and images to publish your posts on any device, including captions and EXIF ​​data.* Show off your photos and videos on PrettyPhoto or Fancybox, which are included with Shashin.* Select photos and videos for combination of any picasaYoutube , and twitpic to display them in groups when showing thumbnails.* View thumbnails of your new photos and videos from one or more albums* View thumbnails of albums associated with your selected albums with or all specific albums, sorted as desired. number of advertisements* Random photos as well as videos. you can also exclude certain photos or albums from random display. Use* filter widget for editing photos in the sidebar.* Customize the Shashin stylesheet to match your site’s theme.* Internationalization: Shashin supports other various languages ​​in translations (please contribute if the translation is bilingual!)* Schedule Shashin to automatically sync with Picasa, Twitpic Youtube and daily streams.Shashin is compatible with multiple sites.**Get Help**Post a forum post at [the back of wordpress.org for Shashin](http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/shashin) and I’ll reply. Help*****Provide local translation [described here](http://weblogtoolscollection.com/archives/2007/08/27/localizing-a-wordpress-plugin-using-poedit/) or whatever use the form [order online editor](https://poeditor.com/)* Fork Shashin [github repository] (https://github.com/toppa/Shashin) and contribute to the code* If you are an advanced user [reply to plugin support forum threads] from (http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/shahsin)* most people tip your pizza delivery service, your plugin developer – new [make a donation] (http://www.toppa.com/shashin/)== Setting ==**Terms*** WordPress 3.0 or higher* PHP 5.1.2 or later* MySQL database 4.1 or higher* jQuery 1.7 and above**First installation**1. Download Shahsin and run it like other types of plugins.1. Go to the Shashin Tools menu to add your Picasa, Youtube and channels (the procedure indicated by twitpic will be detailed on the page).1. Go to the Shashin settings menu to view and update your settings.1. Access this WordPress widget menu to apply the Shashin Sidebar your widget as desired.1. Edit the Maybe page. broker Use Media FX to add photos and albums from Shashin.1. Please note, Shashin will publish two tables in the WordPress collection named wp_shashin_album and wp_shashin_photo.**Check out these tables to keep the most recent backups of your tables created by WordPress. .** Shashin, shortcodes rely on sums of identifiers stored in these tables.**Update from Shashina 2**1. Download the latest version of Shashin from , leave it, then disable and restart it from the main menu of extensions.1. Open the Shashin tools menu and click all, Synchronize to optimize update.1. Go to the settings menu of Shashin and select the option to support the old shortcode (or the agreement that you can revise the shortcode to the format)1 new. Look closely at pages and posts tagged with Shashin to make sure everything is formatted correctly.1. If everything is in order, follow the link in the Shashin tools menu to remove the Shashin associated with the database backup tables.1. Access the WordPress widgets menu to add any Shashin widget to your sidebar if you like (the old widgets are gone).1 acre. If you call Shashin functions directly in PHP, they are no longer supported. Is there a better new function you can call? See The documentation page associated with the current faq.common section.Requested== ==Please ask to go to [Shashin’s page with a link to my site] (http://www.toppa.com/shashin-wordpress-plugin) for detailed usage instructions. See [tips page] (http://www.toppa.com/shashin-3-development-progress/).If you have any questions, post an important post on the [WordPress.org forum for Shashin] (http://wordpress.and org/support/plugin/shashin), I’ll cover it there. Please understand I’m on a tight schedule right now and my support for Shashin is free – it may take me a few days to respond.== Screenshots ==1. Album thumbnails2. Photo in post3. Media Browser Shashin4. slideshow== fancybox Diary ===changes 3.4.11=* Includes PrettyPhoto 3.1.6 to and gets a useful security fix* Bug fix: PrettyPhoto works with 3 new YouTube videos.=.4.10=* Fixed: Error captions were not displayed once after the first set of photos when type=”albumphotos”* Fixed: Error stating that this URL to a direct link to a certain photo should not work=3.4.9=*fix: Our copy popupI and snapshot embed url didn’t work (version 3.4.7 bug)* Bugfix: Allow TakenTimestamp of Perfect Shot to be zero, also allow negative values ​​for time (for periods up to 1970 files or indefinite time).= 3.4.8

    How do I fix submitted URL not found 404?

    To correct this error completely, correct the sitemap, it contains only the valid URLs on the website in its entirety. If you inserted typos in the URL many years ago, they should be corrected, not removed. Sitemap update. You can request a Google review request in Search Console.

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