How To Resolve Windows Application Error 1004


In some cases, your computer may display a windows Application Error 1004 message. There can be several reasons for this error to appear.

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    VBA error 1004 is a rendering error in VBA also known as application or object defined error and it is because we both have a limited number of columns in excel and when our code allows command to go out of range we get error 1004. There have been other situations lately where we get this error, if we can direct you to

    Runtime error 1004 is closely related to the MS Excel application. It appears whenever you work with Excel content with MS and try to create microfiles in an Excel file. However, this error can appear at any time while using Excel and result in data loss. This is a very serious mistake. If you encounter this error more than once, you should read this article so that you already know how to fix Runtime Issue 1004: Application or Object Defined Error.

    1. VB: runtime error ‘1004’: application or object defined error
    2. Excel VBA runtime error 1004 “Could not select border range class”
    3. Runtime error 1004: _global Dental Basic object structure scope failed
    4. Excel macro “Runtime error ‘1004’
    5. Could not open object binder when executing method 1004
    6. Runtime error ‘1004’: Method ‘Ranger’ failed on object ‘Worksheet’.
    7. Save as VBA runtime error 1004: Application or article defined error.
    8. “Crash when applying key object programs.”

    Why Is There An Error?

    How do I fix error 1004?

    Launch Microsoft Excel.From the menu bar, select File > Options [Excel] > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Macro Options.In the top row, select the “Disable all macros with notification” radio buttonI eat.‚ÄĚ

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  • Excel VBA runtime error 1004 can be caused by many things. Here I list the most common causes that cause this error.

    1. The MS Excel desktop icon may look damaged
    2. Your Excel VBA file is conflicting with other applications
    3. Only because of an application or object error
    4. Due to missing trust file
    5. Virus, trojan, possibly malware.
    6. Due to invalid registry keys, etc.

    How To Make Sure You Fix MS Excel Runtime Error 1004

    windows application error 1004

    I believe I have given you a lot of important information so that you know what the 1004 runtime error is and why it occurs. This is especially the time to fully understand how to fix this error if it is causing you problems. Here I list some such effective methods to help you solve this problem.

    Specific Method 1: Fix With Advanced System Repair Tool

    As you know, this runtime error can occur due to corrupted or corrupted system files, registry files, missing startupmissing files, outdated applications, etc. Advanced System Repair Tool scans your entire computer to find errors and fix them easily. You can trust this tool to help you fix Runtime Error 1004.

    Method 2: Scan Your System For Viruses/malware/trojans

    windows application error 1004

    It is highly recommended to scan your valuable PC with a trusted and licensed antivirus software or Advanced System Repair Tool to find and remove viruses, trojans and malware from your PC. These rogue apps cause many problems on PC and cause program crashes and various types of course errors.

    Method 3: Delete The GWXL97.XLA

    This is an easy way to reset the desktop icon in an Excel VBA file. You can remove this type of file like this:

    3.Open the Excel file again and start working. You probably won’t see the same error.

    Method 4: Reinstall Excel

    How do I fix Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications?

    Click Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. Select your Microsoft Office program, then click Edit. Select “Online Recovery” then just click “Restore”.

    Reinstalling MS Excel may be more effective in resolving this issue. There is a possibility that various components of Excel will be corrupted, for example, H will be corrupted and cause an error.runtime error 1004. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem permanently. Go to Control Panel > Add or Remove a Program > and uninstall Excel which is. Download and attach the latest replacement Excel file now.

    Method 5: Update Windows And Drivers

    As you can see, stale windows and owners cause various problems, and learning error 1004 is one of them. Updating old Windows drivers and Windows operating system can easily solve this problem.


    In this article, I tried to show you how to use MS to fix the Excel run-time error “1004”: The application is too object-defined on a Windows machine.

    • 3 steps to fix this step error

    3 fix this error

    Whether you are publishing an Excel report for yourself or for a company, remember that it is available in two formats: XLS or XLSX. If these formats are corrupt, see VBA runtime error 1004. error

    This can also happen when you’re trying to create a macro in an Excel spreadsheet, preventing you from working normally with Excel. While this may prevent someone from working with VBA, it most likely will. Also, VBA manages modes and sometimes even your system crashes.

    What is a run-time error 1004 in Excel?

    Runtime error “1004” – Visual Basic project programmatic access is often unreliable (Mac) This error occurs when registering Office 2016 or later and then Office 365 on Mac. This error is related to the specific addition of a security option in Microsoft Office Options.

    The good news is that there are several programs that can solve this problem. Let’s see how.

    Method 1: Using The Developer Tab In MS Excel

    At least the first step is to open the Excel spreadsheet with the problem and go to the Developer tab.

    Now select the Insert option below, in addition to the option under ActiveX Controls, and click the command button.

    Step 2. Now draw anywhere on the Excel worksheet using the draw button command. This is probably CommandButton1.

    Step 3: Double-click the entire command button1 to write the VBA code from the Microsoft article How to Open a Visual Basic for Applications Window.

    Size as integerDim b as an integera = Worksheets("Sheet Name"). Cells (Row number, Column number). Meaningb = Worksheets ("Nameone hundred"). Cells (Row number, Column number)). MeaningWorksheets("SheetName").Cells(RowNumber, ColumnNumber)).Value implies a + b

    *Note. Yes, to replace the highlighted parts with your sheet name, row code, and column number.

    Step 4. Now go back to the Excel spreadsheet (Sheet 1 in this case) and click here on the Design view in the toolbar to fix this.

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