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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
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    You may encounter an error that says that the winsock xp. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, so we’ll get back to that in a bit. Network corruption, also known as Winsock (Windows Socket Interface) problems in Windows XP, caused by missing PC entries.Lost or slow connection issues due to spyware/adware removal programs during cleaning.


    Stop wasting time with computer errors.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to fix any errors detected by the scan

  • fixes the Winsock environment on your Windows XP machine. This tool is only recommended for computer enthusiasts. Please read the license.

    This can usually resolve a connection loss issue after removing adware accessories or improperly uninstalling firewall applications or other tools that change the actual XP and winsock network settings.

    If you actually experience connection issues after removing network software, adware, or cleaning the registry; and all other simple methods don’t work, try WinSock XP Fix.

    winsock fix utility xp

    It can create a new registry backup with your current configuration settings, so it’s quite safe and user-friendly. We tested it on a test machine that had a problem with Winsock due to the removalthe adware, and after running the new utility and rebooting, the connection was restored.

    Powerful software specially designed to help you recover the last lost connection in case your internet connection is damaged.

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    WinSock Fix XP Fix can be a real life saver when it comes to detecting broken or no Internet connection due to corrupted files and therefore registry entries caused by malware and removing such software.

    Supported operating systems

    This utility works with rarely used editions of Windows such as 95, 98, Millennium (Me), and 2002 Server, as well as the more common Windows XP.

    There are several steps your family can take to help you recover from losing your connection, and cute users don’t like to get involved just because of their computer skills. On the other hand, more and moreMore highly skilled users are forced to use tools like WinSock XP Fix when nothing else seems to be able to fix the problem.

    Auto delete mode

    WinSock XP Fix is ​​a convenient, fast, and automated alternative to managing interventions that include deleting logs, simply deleting registry keys, and adding procedures on Windows 95, 98, and Me, while on Windows 2K and XP, you must use the Line Policies command , replacing registry keys and full-body files associated with the Internet.

    Simple appearance

    The interface of this product contains only two function keys to control the repair and registration support processes. This makes the application extremely safe to use by creating a clean copy of your current registry as it was before the patch was applied. The backup process is performed by a well-known third-party program called ERUNT (short for Emergency Recovery Utility NT).

    Optimizing your system

    Firstly, WinSock XP Fix detects the current operating system because the operating systemRecovery options differ between old and new respected operating systems. The second operation involves removing the IP address from the network adapter, followed shortly by a complete reset of the TCP stack. This last point is only possible on Windows XP when calling Netsh.exe.

    Once these assignments are made, the application replaces all TCP entries in the registry and only WinSock entries with default values, although due to their machine-unqualified nature they are capable of good “grafting”. This is also the dilemma of the hosts file, so the process is the same as the backup operation.


    WinSock XP Fix is ​​highly regarded by many Internet users, regardless of their computer literacy, and is helping more and more of them as word of its potential is now circulating in the community. If you’re wondering if it’s worth reinstalling your operating system just because your internet tandem isn’t working and you can’t find a way to redownload it, WinSock XP Fix might be the software application that can save p>

    WinsockFix is ​​a gadget originally made by a company calledThe ^ Explicit option is used to troubleshoot Internet connectivity issues.last resort to fix registry corruption that results in lostInternet connection.

    Spyware and malware can often damage Windowsyour human body. When these products are removed, your family will no longerhave internet access. With this software, you can at different timesRestore Internet access and fix any registry problems you have.usually causes connection loss.

    Although the program is notApparently more actively maintained only by his original company, new esis still one of the best platforms for restoring internet connectioneverything else failed.

    Download Winsock XPFix

    Click here to use WinsockXPFix

    With Winsock XPFix

    After downloading WinsockFix to your desktop, double-click Notice This to open the main product suite (see below).

    YouYou can first return toWindows registry by clicking afterClick ReG Backup, then select an index to save the entry.Backup enabled.

    winsock fix utility xp

    To manage the program, simply click on our own patch button in the menu and select Yes to run the actual patch.

    InThe program will continue to push keys and repair the registry, which may exist.corrupted, as well as resetting the hosts file. It will then instruct your website to do so.Restart your computer. Click OK to restart.

    After restarting your computer, try connecting to the Internet and you should be fine.

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